Dulce Luna Review


Dulce Luna is a self-claimed Viennoiserie (bakeries making goods from yeast-leavened dough or puff pastry) whose speciality, the dulce luna (probably didn’t see that one coming) is a cross between the French croissant, Italian cornetti and Argentine media luna and comes in a host of different flavours. Aside from this, they offer hot drinks and empanadas.

The Argentine hot chocolates (“submarines”) are done a little bit different here- the cup is initially lined with a small amount of chocolate sauce, filled up with steamed milk and then you’re given a big bar if chocolate to melt and store in to give the extra chocolate flavour ing. Having a big stick of chocolate to stir into your drink sounds all well and good in theory, but in practice, it does mean having to wait a considerable amount of time for the chocolate to melt so that you can enjoy it. If you get impatient, you’ll end up drinking plain steamed milk and then be left with a delicious but unattainable lump of chocolate in the bottom. Once melted, it does taste pretty good. One of these will cost you $4.50, and you can get white, milk, dark and dulce de leche.

The empanadas are slightly on the salty side but have good fillings otherwise, although the pastry is soft and doughy rather than crisp and flakey (but maybe empanadas are meant to be like this?). For $4.50, these seem to be on the expensive side, as they are not particularly big, but the ingredients are good quality.

The Luna’s, are probably the star of the show. A luna is like the croissant’s South American, soft-pastried smaller cousin. They look a great deal like croissants with toppings, but if you’re expecting them to taste like croissants you’ll be disappointed. As mentioned, they are a lot softer, and halve flavours that would make an authentic pastry chef cry- dulce le leche, raspberry, glazed, etc., but presumably, this sorts of flava ours are more common amongst the media lunas. With prices ranging from $2.50 – $3.50, they’re pretty good value too.

Value 3/5
Atmosphere 3/5
Quality 3/5
Overall 6/10

66 King Street, Sydney
72 Pitt Street, Sydney


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