Blue Bird Coffee Review



The Regent Place prides itself in hosting only food and drinks outlets that put enough effort into their design and layout that simply being there is an experience in itself.  Blue Bird Coffee is no exception.  A thick, wooden pillar acts as a centrepiece with panels made from different types of wood (or fake wood presumably) which eventually separate at the ceiling before extending into waves and stretching throughout the store, hanging decoratively from the roof.  At the entrance, you’ll also find coffee mug lampshades, exposed spherical globes and wooden sticks hanging above your head.

There’s enough seating inside for around 20 people and wi-fi is free, making this a pretty good place to actually sit down and enjoy your coffee.


The closer you get to the Chinatown district, the more suspicious you become of the quality of “specialty” coffee stores.  Considering that the rest of Regent Place is filled with outlets serving ramen, Japanese desserts and hotdogs and Vietnamese street food, my expectations for the coffee itself were not particularly high.  Fortunately however, the coffee is actually pretty good.


The coffee has a smooth body, but is not particularly strong.  The iced coffees are a bit bitter at first but has an overall nice flavour.  They also do a cold drip for $5 with several blends on offer.  This was actually more bitter than the iced coffee, and in my opinion, not as nice (so you’re better of saving your 50c and going for the iced selection).

Blue Bird Coffee also has a selection of cakes and wraps, although for the prices (around $5-$6) they didn’t look particularly special.

Regular: $3.50
Iced Coffee: $4.50
Cold Drip: $5
Breakfast Deals (weekdays):
Regular coffee + bacon and egg roll/ raisin toast $5.50
Regular coffee + ham and cheese croissant $6.90

Atmosphere 4/5
Quality 3/5
Value 3/5
Overall 7/10

501 George Street, Sydney


BlueBird Coffee on Urbanspoon

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