Everyday Coffee Review


Everyday Coffee was recently named Melbourne’s “hippest” coffee outlet, a title that is nothing to sneeze at. Coming from Black Coffee @ No Fixed Address (a moving pop up coffee shop), it definitely exudes an element of cool, without being too pretentious.

Everyday Coffee carefully select a different local blend for each coffee; for espresso you’ll get Seven Seeds, Small Batch or Seven Seeds for a milky cup, filter will get you Market and Code Black for batch brews.

The focus here is coffee without the “bullshit”. Staff seem well trained to brew classic coffee, even serving sparkling water along side. Each coffee has a very smooth, yet rich flavour, making it a serious contender for Melbourne’s best coffee. The only downside is the cost. With so many coffee specialist around offering coffee under $3.50, it does make for a harder sell.

Regular: $3.90

Atmosphere: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Value: 3/5
Overall 9/10


33 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Images from thethousands.com.au


Everyday Coffee on Urbanspoon

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