On Ramen’s Ramen Burger


When you walk past a restaurant displaying posters claiming to have “the best ramen in town” and “Sydney’s first ramen burger”, it catches your attention. On Ramen is primarily a small ramen bar. Located just off George street, it’s small and comfortable and not too busy. It has tables for groups as well as bar space for singles and has a very Japanese underlying feel- with posters of maneki-neko cats on the walls and lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

For those wondering how exactly you make a “ramen burger”, the idea is close to Japanese burger chain, MOS Burger’s rice burger. The two “bun” pieces are two two tightly-packed cakes of fried ramen. Beyond that, it’s fairly similar to a normal burger, you get a patty (beef, chicken or pork), salads, chilli sauce and tangy mayo, served up with a side of coleslaw and watermelon.

The burger patty holds together better than expected; it’s fried just enough for the noodles to keep shape but of is also still soft enough that they don’t crumble at first bite. The burger itself doesn’t hold so well as a whole though (it comes with two toothpicks to help keep formation and it’s probably best to leave them in as long as possible).

The patty is pretty much what you’d expect coming from a Japanese ramen bar. It’s a fairly typical flat, okay but-nothing-fancy-affair, but it does the job. The sauces do stand out amongst burgers though. A word of warning though; by the end it gets a bit greasy and sickly, so save the watermelon for relief half way through.

Price: $12.50

Atmosphere: 4/5
Quality: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Overall 7/10

181-187 Hay Street, Sydney

On Ramen on Urbanspoon

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