Ragamuffin Review


Ragamuffin is somewhat of a Norton Street institution. It deals only in coffee and muffins. But these are no ordinary muffins. They come in an impressive range of flavours and look and flatter and less puffed out than normal muffins. This is because they are cooked twice- first steamed to ensure that the inside is cooked but still moist and light, then baked to give a crunchy outside. The result is addictive and unlike any other muffin I’ve tasted before.

The flavours change constantly, but on any given day, there will be a small selection of savory muffins; spinach and ricotta, sundried tomato and feta, bacon and zucchini, etc, but the sweet muffins are definitely the main event here. Upon biting into many of them, you will be met with a saucy liquid explosion of flavour in the middle- an impressive surprise.

I’ve tried both the strawberry milkshake and lemon mirangue in occasion, both of which were filled with a saucy goodness inside. The peanut butter and banana offers more of a gooey mess, but very tasty none-the-less.


On any given day, they will have around 15 flavours, which makes deciding very difficult, especially seeing as you are choosing between flavours like cinnamon apple scotch, double chocolate ganache, lemon and lychee, lime and coconut, and, for a limited time, hot cross muffin (especially for Easter).

What I really like about these muffins is that not only are they a good size (not so big that they are pretty much a meal in themselves like most muffins), but they are also full of flavour; all killer no filler, if you will.

Ragamuffin’s growing popularity has recently seen them increase their price from $3.50 to $4 each, but these creations are well worth the money.

Atmosphere 3/5
Quality 5/5
Value 4/5
Overall 9/10

157 Norton Street, Leichhardt


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