The Mac Factory Review


The Mac Factory seemed to beat everyone else to the punch when it came to capitalizing on the macaron frenzy. As the first store in the city solely dedicated to the precious baked creations, it quickly became known as Adelaide’s best producer of macarons. That being said, I had high hopes for the Mac Factory.

The place itself is quite cute. It’s located on quiet Hutt street, up stairs that are encased by a white picket fence. Fake grass is laid out to create a quaint garden-type feel and seating is supplied on the balcony overlooking the street. Inside, the shop is quite spacious, and they have a cookbook store next door. First impressions were looking good.

Unfortunately things didn’t go so well from there. The macarons have very soft flavours, so much so that sometimes they are indistinguishable. I had the Turkish delight first, and it was a real let down- I couldn’t taste the rose flavouring at all. Next, strawberry and white chocolate. This one tasted a lot nicer, but didn’t have much of a strawberry flavour. The salted caramel was the best, as usual, and actually had a hardish, chewy caramel centre, as opposed to ganache, which was quite nice, but like the others, I think all the flavour did come from the centre; I got nothing from the shell.
On the up side, the shells were well presented and good quality in terms of consistency and texture. They had a good, crispy shell, and weren’t too dense. At $2.50 each, they are not too badly priced either. But the dull flavours were a real disappointment. I should probably also mention that the flavour selection wasn’t very adventurous. They kept pretty close to the classics, although the list might be rotating.

Atmosphere 4/5
Quality 2/5
Value 3/5
Overall 6/10

190B Hutt Street, Adelaide
Mac Factory on Urbanspoon

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