Double Barrel Coffee Merchants



Baristas decked out in tattoos, band tees and piercings seems to the trend these days, and Double Barrel Coffee Merchants is no exception.  But counter to this trend, the guys here don’t have the attitude that often goes with it.  This place is friendly relaxed, and, best of all, serves really good coffee, presented in interesting bio-art series cups (have pretty pictures on them).

The coffee has a very smooth “roasted” flavour and was so tasty that finishing a flat white left me desperate to try a long black without the distraction of milk. Unfortunately the long black was a lot more bitter without the rich flavour I got from the flat white. Disappointing, but overall, not a bad coffee.

They also have a small selection of cakes and pastries; croissants, muffins, brownies, sandwiches and zucchini toast. They are fairly reasonably priced and, from what I’ve tasted, pretty good quality. It would be nice to see some sort of coffee-pastry deal though.

Regular coffee: $3.50

Atmosphere: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Quality: 4/5
Overall 7/10

3/33-35 York Street, Sydney

Images from Double Barrel Coffee Merchants facebook.
Double Barrel on Urbanspoon

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