Candied Bakery Review



Situated in a rather quiet area of Spotswood, Candied Bakery is a New York diner-style bakery, serving shakes, pies, hot dogs, soft serve and, of course, lots of pastries. The store is quite open and bright with a very crisp feel. Cherry beats in the background compliment compliment the look of the place.


Starting with the savories; the blue cheese croissant is a popular choice. It’s rich and buttery, but you won’t regret your decision. Home made hot dogs include a free range sausage in a sweet brioche bun with a mix of kimchi and mayo on top. They’re pretty good as far as hot dogs go, but nothing too outstanding. You’re best off going with one of the gourmet pies for $5.60. The pastry is good and the fillings are chunky and of high quality.

According to most reviews, you’ll find that Candied Bakery is famous for two things; soft serve and apple pie shakes. The soft serve flavours rotate on a weekly basis amongst a selection including crunchy honey nut, milo and peanut butter and jelly. I was fortunate enough to try the peanut butter and jelly. It was thick, creamy and sweet, with only a subtle peanut butter flavour. Servings may sound expensive at $4.50 per cup, but each flavour is quite involved with a mixture of ingredients included on top of the soft serve itself…for soft serve it probably is still a bit expensive though.


The apple pie shake is exactly what it sounds like it is (but probably still not what you expect it to be); an apple pie blended up with vanilla soft serve. At $6.50, this is a meal in itself. There are chunks of apple and pastry too big to fit through the straw and actually finishing a whole shake is nothing to scoff at. It get flavours include milo and coffee.

If something big and milky isn’t your thing, then you may like to steer clear of the soft serves and shakes and head over to the cakes and pastries instead. There’s rich chocolate brownie pies topped with salted pretzels, almond croissants, Nutella cookies, sweet Italian custard-filled doughnuts and much more on offer.


For the quality, Candied Bakery lives up to its expectations. Prices certainly are not cheap, but not too bad considering what’s on offer either.

Atmosphere: 3/5
Quality: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Overall 7/10

81A Hudson’s Road, Spotswood



Images from Candied Bakery’s Facebook
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