Chouquette Review



Chouquette is a tribute to the traditional art of baking in France. Each pastry is perfectly buttery and flakey, just as you’d expect to get from a Parisian patisserie. The prices might seem a little expensive given the size of the cakes, but once you’ve tasted them you’ll find that the quality is more than worth it.

Croissants (Chouquette’s speciality) are served with jam, chocolate or caramel and can be plain, chocolate or almond. You’ll also find fruit tarts, Danishes and macarons in the cabinet as well as baguettes and other breads behind the counter that even your French friends will pine over.
I had a peach tart and coffee and, whilst the coffee was unreasonably priced given it’s quality ($4.50 for nothing special), the tart was worth every penny. The flakey pastry paired impeccably with the sweet peach topping. The queues are long and the place gets busy, but you won’t be let down.

Atmosphere: 3/5
Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5
Overall 10/10

19 Baker Street, Newfarm

Images taken from the Chouquette website.


Chouquette Patisserie & Café on Urbanspoon

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