Dragon Boy Review



Dragon Boy is a small, cheap and welcoming Japanese/Korean noodle eatery.  The menu consists of a hot soup udon range, a cold dry udon range and rice bowls.  Each meal is offered in small, regular or large which is great if you want to mix and match several choices or just have a small appetite.  On top of all this, you also get sides like hard boiled egg, fish cake, tempura, kimchi, etc. (pretty cheap, from 75c up to around $2.50 each). With any main, you get a small serving of the most basic hot or cold udon noodles for an extra $2.50…so I repeat, this place is really good if you want to mix and match.


I got a teryaki chicken rice bowl and kake udon for $7.  The noodles were soft and creamy- they tasted like they were reasonable quality.  And by reasonable quality, I guess I really mean that they definitely weren’t two-minute  noodles (so disappointing when you are served these out), other than that, I don’t know a lot about noodle qualities. The soup broth was salty, but not oily. Overall, the noodles were pretty nice.

The teryaki chicken was nice too.  The chicken itself was cooked really well- tender and no gristle!  The teryaki sauce was pretty thick though (albeit nice) and the rice was…ricey.

The staff were really nice and happy to explain the menu and ordering process, and given the prices, it was disappointing to see this place so empty during lunch time.  I’d recommend it.


Atmosphere 3/5

Value 5/5

Quality 4/5

Overall 8/5



Shop 17, World Square, 117 Liverpool Street
Dragon Boy Japanese Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon


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