Baja Cantina Review


In the true tradition of Glebe, Baja Catina opts for a more authentic, and almost kitsch, feel rather than a stylish yuppy feel.  It’s very homely and spacious; extending out the back into a beer garden; and full of Mexican artwork, Aztec figurines and shields and, of course, a healthy selection of Day of the Dead skulls.  Overall, it creates a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a casual lunch or dinner.


I went during lunch time and unfortunately, the lunch options are pretty limited; almost just to burritos and sides.  I got a carnitas burrito which was nice, but not amazing.  It was big and filling, but the flavours of the ingredients didn’t stand out enough to be able to appreciate them individually.

Some of the dishes on the dinner menu sounded really interesting though, so I would like to return.  I also wouldn’t mind tasting one of their tequila flights (they have an extensive tequila selection).

Atmosphere 4/5

Value 3/5

Quality 3/5

Overall 7/10

43-45 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Baja Cantina on Urbanspoon

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