Harvest Espresso Review


For such a small cafe, Harvest Espresso in Victoria Park has worked up quite a name for itself.  If you plan to come in and sit down, then plan to spend a long time waiting.  I can’t say whether the food is worth the wait – haven’t had it (although it looked nice from a distance) – but if you’re getting coffee, I would suggest take away.  Given how tiny and cramped this place is, it’s hard to say anything too positive about the atmosphere.  The decor itself is nice; simple with lots of wood paneling and metallic features, but it is difficult to appreciate when there is so much going on around you and so little room to enjoy it.

Onto the coffee. It was good, not great.  I definitely wouldn’t deem it good enough to warrant having “Espresso” in the name of the restaurant (although they use good quality 5 Senses Beans, their specialty really seems to be food more than coffee).

Atmosphere 2/5

Quality 3/5

Value 3/5

Overall 6/10

Victoria Park, 629 Albany Highway
Harvest Espresso on Urbanspoon

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