Fillo and Co Espresso Review


Fillo and Co opened it’s doors to Brisbane’s West End about a year ago, joining a host of other cafés in the area. Unlike it’s peers however, Fillo and Co boasts an artisan selection of coffee and baked good, all made from ingredients sourced locally.

The shop front is wooden and looks somewhat like a take away shop or deli. They stock handmade chocolates, gourmet ice cream (including Popsicles, choc tops and ice cream sandwiches), and Mediterranean-based filo pastries featuring a range of fillings; all this on top of their specialty blend coffee.

The verdict? The food looked good, but I’ve only tasted the coffee- a bottled cold brew and a long black. Neither were fantastic. The cold brew in particular was particularly bitter, something that you don’t expect from cold brews. Rated solely on the coffee, I would say it’s that good.

Atmosphere 4/5
Quality 3/5
Value 3/5
Overall 6/10

68 Boundary Street, West End

Image courtesy of the thousands

Fillo & Co on Urbanspoon


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