Brickfields Review


This charming bakery/cafe lies within close proximity of the city but channels the relaxed energy of the suburbs. It sits a few minutes walk from the Central Park shopping centre on Cleveland street.

Depending on which side you approach from, you may see the shop front and seating area first- which had that rustic-cool feel typical of the inner west- or you may see the big open kitchen which allows to view the bakers at work.

There are some light meals that can be ordered here, but the baked goods seems to be the main draw card. Aside from their well-known sourdough loaves, Brickfields also do a small range of treats like croissants, brownies, tarts and quiches.


The croissants have a perfectly crisp and flakey shell with delicious layers of buttery goodness; but to my disappointment, there were no almond croissants. I also tried the custard tart which had a nice flakey case and a delicious blend of spices to accompany the egg custard- great for those who want something sweet, but not sickly sweet.
Brickfields also roast their own coffee, which ends up being very smooth and creamy. There are bags of beans for sale, which I was tempted by, but left without.

Brickfields does miss one key factor though. Yes, it’s a nice place to catch up with friends and relax. Yes, the food is good and and tasty. Yes, the prices are okay. But they have no real draw cards which would get me to go too much out of my way to get back there. The range is fairly standard and the quality is good but on par with many other similar places scattered around the city. I’d say it’s great if you’re in the area but not worth travelling too far for.

Regular coffee: $3.50
Croissant: $3.50
Tart: $5
Sourdough Loaves: $6-6.50

Atmosphere 4/5
Quality 4/5
Value 3/5
Overall 7/10

206 Cleveland Street, Chippendale

Some images from Brickfield’s Facebook

Brickfields on Urbanspoon

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