Grounds by the Sea Pop Up Review


The Grounds of Alexandria saw a big, gaping hole in the market and filled it. The Sculptures by the Sea exhibition attracts huge crowds every year, and aside from hitting the streets of Bondi, what food options have the hordes previously had? Usually a simple bbq. Enter Grounds of Alexandria, ready to supply the art spectators with gourmet juices, signature coffees, breakfast, lunch and dinner at their pop up Grounds by the Sea, sitting pretty amongst the sculptures in Marks Park.
The pop up takes that family-beach-shack type feel, and adds a bit of a cottage garden touch to create a relaxed atmosphere, despite the long queues. There’s quite a contrast in the prices of food and drink- whilst both are creative and high quality offerings, the food is quite reasonable, however the juices will set you back a pretty penny.

A decent sized bowl of Bircher with yoghurt, quinoa, poached peaches, pomegranate seeds and berries will only set you back $10 and a brekkie brioche burger with bacon, avo, cheese and egg, only $12. But a freshly squeezed juice (albeit topped with a nice chunk of watermelon) is $8, add another $3 if you want a smoothie. And the biggest travesty? Market favourite, fresh sugar cane juice is also $8 (my expectations were $5 maximum). Of course you can always opt for the famous Ground’s coffee which holds it standard price.

I went for breakfast, but there are separate menus for lunch and all day and the food, as expected, is pretty damn good. The lines are long though, even at 8:30am the wait for food pick up (including coffee) was 15 minutes. If you don’t want to be trapped in the hot sun for that long, then maybe this isn’t worth it.

Coffee $3.50
Juice $8
Bircher Muesli $10
Toastie $8

Atmosphere 5/5
Quality 4/5
Value 3/5
Overall 8/10

Marks Park, Bondi Beach
Until November 9th




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