Cafe Cre Asion Review


My hopes are always set fairly high for cafes and eateries tucked away in hidden alleys, just as Creasions is. They specialise in Macarons but also offer a hearty selection of home made granola, cookies and muffins.

The macarons come in a selection of traditional flavours (salted caramel, pistachio, etc) as well as flavours that feature a Japanese twist (plum wine, charcoal and coco, Japanese black caramel, roasted green tea). I of course made my choice from the latter group.

Sadly, the location and unusual flavours only give false hope that ends in a sour disappointment. The shells were chewy and even crunchy at times, resembling more of a burnt meringue than a macaron. A flavours just lacked any real kick that have you the full experience of their uniqueness.

The plum wine could have been anything; there was nothing distinctive about the flavour. The Japanese black caramel tasted more like cinnamon than caramel (maybe this is what it’s meant to taste like?) but at least had a somewhat strong flavour with a salty after taste. The roasted green tea was the nicest of my three with a lot thicket filling and a refreshing taste. But I wouldn’t say that it stood out from competitors’ green tea/ matcha macarons.

The macarons are also very small for their price (smaller than a 20c piece) and despite only asking for three, the server tried to push me into buying a box of six (doubling the order size isn’t a standard upscale opportunity).

Their assortment of other homemade goods may be better (the muffins did look pretty hearty), but I would never return for the sub par macarons.

Price: $2.70 each
Atmosphere: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Quality: 2/5
Overall: 5/10

21 Alberta Street, Surry Hills

 CafĂ© Cre Asion on Urbanspoon

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