Bonarche Burger Review


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When it comes to burgers, these guys don’t mess about. The burgers are huge, packed with ingredients, with sauces and juices dripping all over the place. Each party is made in house from Australian steak and all ingredients are made/prepared fresh daily.

The restaurant itself is neat and small; probably seating around 15 people inside with a few more outside. Some interesting Star Wars inspired art hangs from the walls and a decent selection of local craft beers stocks the fridge.

To start off with, you have some unique choices of chips; kimchi, pizza and “disco”. These all come in large servings with excessive toppings. Beware that the burgers themselves are huge. Even sharing one serving of chips between three people on top of a burger will probably be too much unless you are inhumanly hungry.

Onto the main event though. The Beef n Beach is the iconic offering at Bonarche; combining aoli with BBQ sauce, beef with bacon and some juicy pineapple to top it all off. It’s big and tasty, but personally, I prefer the Hangover Burger. This genius creation includes a hash brown to complement the beef patty, smokey BBQ, bacon, egg and even a Barocca on the side. Brilliant. But you’d have to have a pretty big hangover appetite to tackle those one.

On the chicken side, the Tender Tokyo is good for something different. A katsu-style crumbed chicken patty interacts with Asian style slaw and kapu dressing. Like the others, they’re big and messy but totally delicious.

Overall, the menu here is extensive. They have all the classics; cheese burger, chicken and cheese, steak burger, portobello mushroom, Hawaiian etc.; as well as some more adventurous offerings (in addition to those already mentioned); Mexican style chicken, porterhouse with eggplant and feta, lentil patty. No matter whether you choose a tried and tested combination or something a little different, they all seem to be pretty damn good. I found anywhere yet that does as well on a quality-price-size basis yet.

Burgers: $14.50-$21

Atmosphere: 3/5
Value: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Overall: 9/10

14 Norton Street, Leichhardt

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