Sydney’s Best Almond Croissants

Almond Croissants are underrated to say the least. Although a staple of most bakeries/patisseries, they are never given as much credit as their more prominent cousin; the original croissant. Alas, they have the potential to blend the crispyness and buttery goodness of a croissant with the doughy, sweetness of a cake. Needless to say, it’s time we had a list to celebrate these perfect creations and pay our respects to those who do them the well.

These are the best almond croissants in Sydney.

1 – La Renaissance $5/$6.50 (takeaway/eat in) The Rocks

Apparently they sell over 1000 of these weekly making it a clear specialty and they are pretty good. One of the more buttery tasting almond croissants I’ve had, the outside is slightly crunchy with a multitude of almonds and icing sugar scattered over. This houses a delicious cakey core that still resembles a traditional croissant. Let’s just ignore the horrendous $1.50 eat in charge. 

2 – Brickfields $5 Chippendale
These guys get the all important balance between a flaky, crisp shell and soft inner just right. It tastes like they add a slight amount of honey to the outside and cinnamon to the filling and the whole thing is best described as sitting proudly between a standard croissant and almond croissant.
3 – Infinity Bakery $4.50 Darlinghurst
These things are not for the faint-hearted. They’re friggin’ massive. They are also probably the closest thing to a traditional almond croissant I’ve found. Originally almond croissants were a deformation of stale croissants so that they could still be used. Patisseries would take the once crispy, now soft croissant and dress it in almond paste and flakes. That’s largely what this is and it goes down a treat.
4 – Bourke Street Bakery $4.50 Surry Hills
Quite heavy and cakey, this resembles more of a bun than a croissant. It’s the same size/shape as a pain au chcocolate, but soft and with a substantial amount of almond filling that is almost creamy It’s pretty damn tasty but I’m not sure that it is entirely what I look for in an almond croissant.
5 – Central Baking Depot $4.40 Sydney
The hordes of people hanging around here every morning are not misled. As you enter, you are greeted with the thick smell of various tempting pastries. Their almond croissants seemed to have diminished in size over the years but are still quite a generous snack. They blend their soft, cake-lie interior with a slightly crispy outer shell. Nicely done.
IMG_35637 – Flour and Stone $4.50 Woolloomooloo
They may well be known for their lamingtons, but how does their take on the humble almond croissant compare? Well, it’s a little hard to ran them amongst their peers, because their almong croissant is a lot more like a standard croissant. Rather than being soft and cakey, it’s firm and crunchy with icing sugar and almond slivers scattered on top. Whether or not it makes it better is a matter of personal taste, and personally, I really like them.
8 – Sonoma $5 Glebe
The Sonoma almond croissant is soft and tasty but really pushes on the boundary of cake/bun rather than a croissant. It’s quite soft all the way through with no crisp coming from the shell. It’s still a decent size and offering though.

La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie on Urbanspoon Brickfields on Urbanspoon Infinity Bakery on Urbanspoon Bourke Street Bakery on Urbanspoon Central Baking Depot on Urbanspoon Flour and Stone on Urbanspoon Sonoma Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon La Banette Pâtisserie on Urbanspoon

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