Sydney’s Best Specialty Cold Coffee

With every man and his dog now offering cold brew/drip coffee, not to mention the classic iced coffee that been around for eons, the time has come for cafes to push the boundaries of cold coffee to stand out. Here are some of the most interesting specialty offerings to get your caffeine addiction through the warmer months…or what’s left of them.


Mecca Espresso Shakerato $4 (Ultimo)

This one is all about that extra slap in the face, with not one, but two espresso shots, shaken with sugar syrup. Unfortunately, the take away form comes in a jar, and although we can see that for this drink there’s a particular logic; lid on and shake; it’s still embarrassing to be seen walking around with. 

Rueben Hills Coffee Slushi with Panella $6 (Surry Hills)
There aren’t too many options out there for slushis that will provide you with a caffeine hit, but Rueben Hills should be all you need. The coffee flavours comes out a lot more than expected, and $6 for a good quality shake ain’t too bad either.
Take Coffee Vietnamese Coconut Coffee $5.40 (Marrickville)
The sweetness of the condensed milk and coconut in here isn’t enough to overpower the richness of the coffee; you get the best of both worlds. A bit heavier than a frappe but very refreshing none the less. Those who are more adventurous might want to try the coffee and avocado shake.
Coffee Alchemy The Sparkler $7 (Marrickville)
Ever heard of coffee fresh on tap? If so, it was probably from Coffee Alchemy. Get ice cold coffee in a matter of seconds, mixed with sparkling water for one very refreshing brew. And how does it taste? Well pretty much exactly like black coffee mixed with sparkling water. They rotate the beans used regularly though, so you’ll get something a little different every time.
Don Campos Tom Thumb $5.50 (Alexandria)
Don Campos offer a selection of cold summer specials; cold drop, spritzer; but the Tom Thumb is the stand out. Mixed up in your coffee, you’ll have refreshing lemon sorbet, fresh lime and mint for the ultimate summer blend. It’s kind of like a cocktail of the coffee world, with caffeine to replace alcohol.
Piccolo Me  Lemon and Rose Water Cold Drip $5.90 (CBD)
Piccolo Me are good at their sweet concoctions, both hot and cold. This particular edition is not your average cold brew- it has a twist each of lemon juice and rose to give it that something special. They also have an extensive range of flavoured iced coffees; the most notable being the Nutella iced coffee.
See the full list.

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