Woah Nelly Doughnuts Pop Up



I have to admit, I’m not much of a doughnut person. Personally, I’ve never seen the attraction with these big rings of bland dough or greasy batter, topped off with sickly sweet icing. But some doughnuts look too good to pass up at least a try. 

Woah Nelly doughnuts are usually reserved for those who wish to order six or more, ahead of time, to be delivered on a Friday. I wouldn’t exactly label them as ” easily available”. So, when you receive word that they will be hosting a pop up at one of your favourite coffee spots for one day only; no pre-planned ordering, no quantity minimums, just the casual, in-person exchange of the goods you want for the price they charge; you take the opportunity. 
At $5 each, they were a little pricier than the usual catering price, but when they are covered in a variety of sauces and crunchy bits, then placed neatly in a cardboard burger box, it seems easy to let that minor detail slip. 
So, where they enough to convert this proclaimed doughnut-unenthusiast into someone who thinks that doughnuts could, maybe, be in an appropriate treat of choice sometimes? I can only speak for one flavour, but yes! Predictably, I went for the salted caramel and pretzel (whilst maple bacon does sound pretty exciting, bacon is another food I don’t understand the wide spread fascination with).
The texture/softness of the dough was perfect; not too doughy or bread roll like. The salted caramel icing was just the right consistency to stick to the doughnut without causing any mess, yet runny enough to provide a contrast to the crispy bits of broken pretzel. The two flavours complemented each other well, without any expense spared to ensure that the caramel was suitably salty. 
It’s unlikely that I will start ordering these doughnuts, even as a Friday afternoon work treat, but if Woah Nelly starting doing more physical pop ups like this, it’s definitely something I’d go out of my way for. 
Atmosphere: 4/5 (not really an atmosphere score given it was a pop up at another cafe, but I give points for the packaging)
Value: 3/5
Quality: 5/5
Overall: 8/10

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