Coffylosophy Review


Adelaide has racked up a nice little collection of coffee specialty stores over the past few years and Coffylosophy is one of them.

Located in Adelaide’s quiet Eastend, with library bookshelves wallpaper, it makes for a low key and relaxing place to enjoy a light meal and caffeine hit. With various coffee brewing apparatus perched on the walls near the entry, it also raises the hope for a good coffee itself. But we all know that simply offering a selection of beans and brewing methods does not guarantee barista or bean quality and the eventual good cup.


To their credit, Coffylosophy to better than many peers who claim to be fine coffee artisans but still manage to produce a burnt and bland coffee. The syphon is their main work of art and ordering one will get you front row seats for its theatrical creation. Served in a glass upon a wooden board, surrounded by chocolate pebbles ready to mix in, I found it a little more acidic and bitter than I prefer, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

Aside from coffee, a healthy range of juices are on offer here and some light meal options. They are all fairly standard of the cafe scene now and quality is good but nothing worth raving about.

Overall, Coffylosophy has a lot of good points; nice location, peaceful atmosphere, free wifi, reasonable prices, food and drink is nice; but no great points which set it way apart from similar cafes in Adelaide. If your wondering the south-east end of the CBD though, it’s probably your best option.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Quality: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 7/5

198A Hutt Street, Adelaide
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